CSR and sustainability in the hotel industry

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The case study aims to highlight and attract more visibility to hotels in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, which promote corporate social responsibility (CSR), awarness of environmental problems, connection with local economies and etc. The case study is expected to share the knowledge and the results with other, less sustainable hotels and invite them to learn as well as replicate the good examples mentioned and to create more advanced and greener hotel industry in the region. 298 Barcelona’s hotels were analyzed during 2015 in order to investigate CSR in planning and management. Later on, qualitative study was conducted, which included analysis of hotels’ webpages and how CSR is presented (Environmental, Social, Economic and Corporate Governance evidences); surveys to receptionists and employees in order to measure awareness of CSR policies; interviews to general managers. Obtained results were relevant to all five key areas promoted by the International Year of Tourism for Development 2017 initiative: analyzed hotels contribute to the growth of local economy with their activities, setting a successful example for other hotels that the coopeartion with local market can be beneficial for both sides included. Hotels, invovled in the case study, are glad to involve vulnerable groups of society to their workforce, staff is being motivated to participate in activieties with NGOs, blood or food donations. Researched hotels are promoting sustainable practices by implementing water, waste and energy consumption management. Lastly, hotels are setting a good example by hiring diverse staff, including people from the local community, promoting cultural heritage and children-friendly atmosphere.

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