Interview with National Council for Disability

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Mr. Magino Corporan is the Director of the National Council for Disability (CONADIS) in the Dominican Republic. The interview is produced by IDARD, Instituto de Derecho Ambiental de la Republica Dominicana, Blue Flag national operator in Dominican Republic.

This was a brief but enriching talk where Mr. Magino told us about the status of accessibility in our country and our blue flag beaches and what could be improved to have greater accessibility

IDARD- How has the process of implementing international accessibility standards been achieved in the Blue Flag segments?

M.C- In the tourist environment, the beaches of our country have been improving greatly in terms of guaranteeing their enjoyment to the large number of tourists who visit them daily.

Through the Blue Flag program the elimination of barriers is encouraged, in order to adapt the accesses that facilitate the free movement to the waters.

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