Maritime and Coastal sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean

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BleuTourMed_C3 (from 10/2016 to 09/2019) will create a Community of European projects and actors that join forces, exchange practices and capitalise results on sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean basin. Currently it involves partners from 10 countries and aims to have a final influence firstly in these countries at local, regional and national level. Furthermore, it wants to influence policy makers and stakeholders in the entire Mediterranean basin, together with the EU policy makers. The project is funded by the INTERREG MED programme using EU-ERDF funds. The community of participating countries is currently formed by 14 EU-funded projects with about 140 partners and an increasing number of stakeholers involved. The success of the project is monitored by participation in the activities (meetings and events of the community), participation in the social networks (linkedin, twitter, youtube), participation to other activities such as preparing contents for the capitalisation activities. At the end of every year of the activity a survey is sent asking for a feedback on the actions, communication, community building and capitalisation activities performed by BleuTourmed. The project includes building new and sustainable tourism models, improving products’ quality, supporting inclusive economic growth. Projects are implemented with the support of local sustainable economies, such as local production of food, empowering the local communities. BleuTourmed carefully follows water and waste management plans, works with energy efficient buildings, defends and encourages local communities, values and heritage.

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