Opinion on future trend in tourism and hospitality

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My Quest and scrutiny through the crystal ball informs that it’s safe to say, the next big thing to be incorporated in all industries and academics in totality will be sustainable practices, coming after Information technology. There will be demand or dynamism in humanity to conserve the available natural resources as a survival implement. Presently, information technology is leading in all industries in every aspect.

Ecology and environmental conservation will be vital and especially in hospitality and tourism where natural resources deployment and usage is a must and is also intense, considering the rising number of travelers and leisure seeking populace.The discovery of green equipment and general resource conserving equipment and technics are found to be cost-effective, trendy and enjoyable.

All indicators suggest that tourism survival will depend on conservation and sustainable practices. The present and future bywords for tourism will by ecotourism, ecotel, ecolodges and bionetwork. The future inclination of the industry whether its investors or entrapreneurs/entrepreneurs, whether it’s tourists or employees, sustainable practice will be a must observe and information technology can play a big part in assessment, implementation and research in this future thoughtful consideration and development. Thank about Eco technology also.

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