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This article is concerned with fundamental questions relating to the fundamental problem: “what is the benefit of research results for the people directly?”
Through tourism, the results of such research can be disseminated to the communities, so people understand the benefits of the results of such research, and can even create a field of work or business to society. The research institute does not become a sort of “ivory tower” / exclusive, but more populist, and thus sustainability can be assured, ICCRI (Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute) is a case in point.

Coffee and Cocoa Science and Technology Park is an area next to a professionally managed technology innovation in order to deliver results to all upstream and downstream businesses, particularly coffee and cocoa-based.
For Jember district itself, with the inauguration of CCSTP is a strategic move to produce new entrepreneurs with high competitiveness to boost economic growth Jember. Science Parks in Jember can also be a leading research institutes and superior in terms of technological mastery sustainable coffee and cocoa, as well as participate in an effort to improve the knowledge and competitiveness of community-based innovation and technology.

With the opening of this place, it became a destination of Agro Tourism and Educational Tourism, people can see first hand how chocolate was in production, the existing “factory” chocolate though small, they can be purchased directly at the site, see the process from A to Z, they are happy, cacao farmers happy, researchers are increasingly eager to produce varieties or new clones which are superior both to cacao and coffee. Society has felt the benefits of the results of research and existence ICCRI and stimulate the local business climate based cacao and coffee. Now no longer have to rely on chocolate from abroad, but from the country itself is more an indigenous / original. Thus sustained efforts will have an impact, because all the support, everybody happy …!

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