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Waterbom is a 38,000m2 water park located in the middle of Kuta, Bali’s busiest tourism hotspot. It has been in operation since 1993 and attracts thousands of visitors daily, employs over 400 workers. The park is ranked #1 in Asia and #2 in the World. The island’s infrastructure and environment are under immense pressure, yet Waterbom wants to reduce the impact of tourism on the Bali’s environment and wants to become the most sustainable water park in the world. Waterbom improved resource efficiency in its operations, focused around energy, water and waste and set ambitious sustainability targets and invested over 100,000 USD. The project took 1 year and encompassed all areas of operations, involving detailed audits, technical solutions, training staff, changing infrastructure and much more. Another aim of this projects is to create a showcase for sustainability best practices to inspire the tourism industry to act and reduce their impact on Bali’s environment. For the goals to be achieved, the partnership with the Bali Water Protection Program (BWPP) was developed, which contributed in informing the public on how to better manage water resources. Waterbom and BWPP are collaborating to raise tourist awareness about Bali’s water shortages and help raise funds for the program, among other investments. Waterbom project contributes to inclusive and sustainable economic growth: as a leader in the industry, it ispires other touristic initiatives to follow its sustainability example and promote environmental awarness. Also, the water park reduced resource consumption and emissions and increased resource efficiency through the audits, efficiency solutions and reporting and monitoring across energy, water and waste. By doing that, Waterbom is mitigating climate change, rducing environmental degradation and etc. The project also provides education to tourists about Bali’s water crisis.



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