Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism

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International Day for Biological Diversity 2017

By Convention on Biological Diversity

Many natural areas with rich biodiversity, such as beaches, coasts and islands, mountains, rivers and lakes, are tourism destinations. Approximately half of the leisure trips taken globally are to natural areas.  In some of these areas, what Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) call “biodiversity and tourism hotspots”, the way tourism is planned and managed will have major impacts on species and ecosystems. Conversely, the way ecosystems are managed will impact the sustainability of tourism. Tourists will not come to polluted or degraded destinations.

On this International Day for Biological Diversity, we’d like to share with you some solutions and lessons learned. In close cooperation with UNWTO, the Secretariat of the CBD is undertaking activities to ensure that biodiversity is a central concern for sustainable tourism, and that their mutual impacts be measured and managed for optimizing synergies. The Secretariat has also developed various awareness raising tools for tourists and tourism professionals:

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