Measuring Sustainable Tourism – UNWTO 6th International Conference on Tourism Statistics

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Sustainable tourism is increasingly relevant in national agendas for its role in fostering economic growth, social inclusiveness and the protection of cultural and natural assets.

The Conference being held in Manila, Philippines, is an Official Event of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, 2017 and will be a landmark opportunity to discuss methodological advances in measuring sustainable tourism, explore emerging issues and learn from pioneering country experiences. Supported by the United Nations Statistics Division, the UNWTO initiative ‘Towards a Statistical Framework for Measuring Sustainable Tourism’ (MST) underlines the need to measure the full effects of the tourism sector.

Measuring Sustainable Tourism

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A core component of the conference will be the presentation of the first draft of a new statistical framework for tourism —one that integrates the various dimensions of sustainable tourism (economic, environmental and social) and across relevant spatial levels (global, national and subnational). A Ministerial Roundtable will kick-start the Conference to underline the importance of measurement in better understanding the role that sustainable tourism plays in fostering economic growth, social inclusiveness, and the protection of cultural and natural assets.

The initial proposal identified three primary objectives which continue to be reflected on:

  • Developing indicators for global monitoring of sustainable tourism and promoting tourism within the SDG indicator framework
  • Linking the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) and Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA) frameworks to underpin a statistical framework for sustainable tourism
  • Advancing towards an understanding of tourism in relation to sustainability at multiple scales by integrating information at the global, national and sub-national levels.
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