Sustainable Tourism for a Cleaner and Greener World

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Sustainable Tourism Can Make World Cleaner and Greener
Op-ed by Taleb Rifai, Erik Solheim and Patricia Espinosa

OPINION / 07. FEB, 2017

It is a tribute to the myriad entrepreneurs, companies, creative individuals and communities that the United Nations is marking 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

This means that, throughout 2017, activities and initiatives across the spectrum of those involved in tourism will celebrate its transformational power on our global efforts to create a world that is cleaner and greener, more equal and more inclusive.

It is a celebration for each and every one of us: those who work and have interest in the sector and its sustainability, and also those consumers who travel to discover, to experience, and to give something back in return.


The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development asks you to consider the impact of your travel on sustainable economies, societies, environments and cultures, along with peace.

‘Travel.Enjoy.Respect Campaign’ outlines how you can carry out some of these actions while inviting you to share your own inspiring sustainable travel tales.

Such stories allow you to gain a personal insight into how real lives of people and communities around the globe have been shaped by sustainable tourism.

They are reminders that tourism is a power for good. It breaks down walls, brings cultures closer together and reminds us that we all share one incredible, beautiful planet.

You can use your holiday to make more than memories. With sustainable choices, you can help make our world cleaner and greener. And you can be a global ambassador for respect – respect for our planet, our culture and the communities that welcome us with open hearts.

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