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Tourism Development Organization Of Tabriz Municipality


With regard to a wide range of international users – including tourists and travelers- of mobile applications designed based on social networking, we set a plan for the introduction of our city Tabriz through Instagram social media network, and then we created the page of Tourism Development Organization for new developed project called “21 o’clock with Tabriz”.

In this plan, every night at 21h, we introduce one of the tourism potentials of Tabriz city and Azerbaijan area both in English and Persian. Now this page has more than 30K followers and it has become the top page of interest about Tabriz. Content production while maintaining quality and using high-resolution photos are the reasons that most people welcomed this page. Also we post the photos that our followers send us to have an ideal relationship with them. In each post we answer to the questions that followers ask. But one of the reasons for the popularity of this page is the special discounts that we give to our followers for recreational and welfare centers and souvenir shops. Every night we post our photos exactly at 21:00 hours to respect our audiences’ time, and now, after 180 days of starting this project, our friends every night wait for us to see what we are going to post. We saw the result of this friendship in this summer (2016) when, with the help of our followers on this page, we did the tourist bus services successfully. We will do our best to continue our work to introduce Tabriz to the world.

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