Al Ula Development Plan

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Al Ula region has been surveyed as one of the significant tourism sites of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, SCTH in collaboration with local public partners and local communities of Al Ula region has started a massive study that been initially concluded by adding Mad’en Saleh to World Heritage. Then, in 2015, SCTH has approved a plan which is focused on destination’s urban rehabilitation, to be followed by creating investment opportunities, and development of local human resources. SCTH has established regional tourism development committee that includes all stakeholders in different levels and at different professional sectors. This committee includes local governorates, municipalities, and other public and private institutions representatives and aims to discuss local development plans of Al Ula in accordance with the national Saudi Development strategies. Al Ula Development Plan has direct and indirect impact of economic growth, it will raise tourism income on the local, regional and national level throughout visiting the unique cultural heritage sites. SCTH has carefully maintained environmental protection and climate control when proceeded in site rehabilitation by using of local earth materials, traditional construction methodologies and application of energy saving solutions. Security and safety measures were fulfilled within the development plan, those measures took in consideration natural disasters and any human purposed and unintentional behaviours.

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