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bookitgreen is the first booking platform giving travelers the opportunity to easily find, search and book sustainable holiday accommodations. The platform matches travelers with sustainable holiday accommodations, fitting their specific needs and wants. With international offers ranging from eco-farms, camping sites, eco-lodges and privately-owned holiday homes to luxury eco-hotels and a great state-of-the-art usability, every interested guest will have the chance to travel #samebutgreen.

The sustainability of the accommodations on bookitgreen is based on a three-pillar system. First, we take already existing eco certificates in the travel industry into consideration. Second, we developed 15 sustainability criteria, and depending on the amount fulfilled by the accommodation, we rank sustainable accommodations with a 1-5 leaf system, that clearly indicates the sustainability of the host. Third, we encourage each guest after their stay to fill in a survey and assess the sustainability of the specific host. In addition to that we are planning on introducing the “approved by bookitgreen” logo for specific and exclusive hosts that will be featured on the platform and tested by our “bookitgreen testers”.

Our vision is to become the go-to platform for sustainable travel worldwide by 2022.

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