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Borba Gato for Sustainable Tourism, IBGTS, is an organization dedicated to the promotion of tourism, the development of social assistance, cultural, educational and professional, always having as a basis for their actions strengthening the incentives for tourism in the municipalities of activity and has a purpose:

  • To promote the social assistance;
  • Promote culture, defense and preservation of historic, artistic and cultural heritage;
  • Promote education;
  • To defend, protect and conserve the environment and to sustainable development;
  • Promote volunteering;
  • To promote economic and social development;
  • To promote ethics, peace, citizenship, human rights, democracy and the values protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • Promote the institutional development of industries (public and private) through the encouragement to tourism in the Municipalities;
  • The design, promotion and realization of projects, conventions, seminars and events geared to the tourist activity;
  • Formulating plans and programs in your area of competence, where they exist, the guidelines of standards of public power;
  • Monitor and adapt to the official calendar of tourist events in the municipalities of practice;
  • Produce programs to encourage tourism in audiovisual media, internal, external, animated or static, internet and all means of communication of diverse nature, covering the production, photo and movie label, the edition of printed materials, as well as the disclosure, dissemination and distribution;
  • Create, organize, maintain and expand the libraries, museums, archives and other institutions Cultural, as well as of their collections and collections, which include the history of the city, especially in its headquarters to promote tourism in the region;
  • Strengthen projects, networks and partnerships of Brazilian and international dishes, which already exist in their areas of expertise, through the development of collective actions to support organizations that operate in these areas;
  • Propose standards related to the stimulation and development of tourism within the framework of its competence;
  • To raise financial resources, materials, and techniques for the achievement of the objectives to which it proposes;
  • Exercise other related activities, as well as the prospect of sites of tourist interest and public, as the administration of assets declared by public initiative.

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