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Hostelling International is the global association of Yout Hostels. Apart from working towards the same amazing HI mission, all our hostels have something else in common: their buildings. From castles, to renovated farms, old prisons, turf houses and pharmacies… All HI hostels carry a story through their buildings, the places that accommodate millions of travelers every year. And what buildings have in common is that they release CO2 when warming up, cooling down, heating water etc. HI is committed to help Associations and Hostels around the world reduce this carbon emission.

Also, since April 2012, Hostelling International offers its guests the option of CO2 compensation when booking overnight stays. This option is currently offered in 35 countries. All contributions flow to three international myclimate UN Gold Standard Projects in Peru, China and Malawi where we provide new jobs, contribute to local growth and increased levels of health. HI also adds a donation of 0.10 GBP per night for the HI Sustainability Fund (HISF), which finances network projects to reduce our CO2 emissions. Read more about it here

HI’s partner to fight climate change, calculate and compensate for CO2 emissions is myclimate.

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