Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism

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Starting from 2014, CAST has been established to foster advanced scientific research and professional training in the tourism field under a multidisciplinary perspective and in less than four years of activities, it has gained national and internatonal acknowledge for its competences on sustainable tourism and demonstrated the importance of tourism studies. CAST aims to coordinate and strengthen research activities in various disciplinary areas, as well as propagate the most innovative tools in tourism study and training, assuming that sustainable development for tourism cannot be studied only considering its impact on economic growth. A fundamental part of the research is its application through the collaboration with territorial actors, sharing knowledge and instruments to enhance sustainable development of tourism at destination level. It relies on competences of more than 50 members from different fields, offering joint initiatives connecting economic, business, statistical, socio-political, historic, geographic, and many other aspects crosscutting tourism sector. It works with local, regional, national and international authorities, organizations, research centers, innovative businesses and local communities. CAST contributes to all five key areas stated by the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017: researches are focused on tourism development rather than tourism growth, researches have investigated poverty reduction, employment and its effects, as well as social inclusiveness and tourism effects on climate change and environmental protection. CAST is active in supporting creative industries, cultural heritage and diversity. The role of the research center is to develop global citizenship and to support the spreading of education and information, which is able to support mutual understanding as well as demonstrate the role of peace.

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