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Club Med’s partnership with Agrisud plays an active role in the economic development of communities in the vicinity of Club Med Resorts, within 4 countries: Senegal, Brazil, Morocco and Indonesia. The project supports local producers through the development of 350 Very Small Enterprises, training in agro-ecology and organizing commercial cooperatives. While the partnership benefited about 2,400 people (producers and their families), it also enables Club Med Resorts to be supplied with fresh, quality products. The support to the producers is co-financed by Club Med (about 60%) and by Agrisud and its third parties (about 40%). In addition, contributions from customers via “Friends of the Club Med Foundation” helped fund projects related to the main project such as the four solar water pumps in Senegal and the irrigation system in Morocco. The project contributes to promoting equal access to economic resources for women in the project in Senegal, which is specifically geared towards women produce suppliers, helping farmers to emerge from marginal situations through support and training towards a market economy, securing water access for rural residents with solar energy, encouraging the meeting of customers and producers through exhibitions in the restaurant and solidarity excursions and many other activities.

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