Communal Dinners at El Viajero Uruguay

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Hostelling International is a global association of Youth Hostels. We are a charity and our focus has always been on social empowerment. For the 2017 Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development we have developed a busy program to address ten(!) different areas of sustainability.

In August, we spoke about engaging our guests, our friends. By facilitating intercultural exchange, we believe we open minds and hearts to a more tolerant world, making our hostels and mission more relevant than ever!

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In El Viajero hostels in Uruguay guests are invited to join communal dinners, from barbecues to homemade pizzas. Guests can join this activity almost every night of the year for a small fee and enjoy the best Uruguayan gastronomy while meeting other like-minded travellers. Along with the communal dinners, the guests can also enjoy live music in the hostels, which gives them the opportunity to get to know their fellow travellers and the local culture even more.

This activity is both a cultural and social one and is designed so that travellers get to experience what an important part of the Uruguayan culture the grill and the “asados” (barbecues) are. On the other hand, this is a perfect way to meet other people and make new friends. Following the communal dinners, our guests very often go out together to explore the city, stay in contact or even travel together to other cities.

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