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The need for the development of a toolkit which is the basis of this project was born of a demand of the community tourism enterprises. After a dialogue with several of these enterprises –mostly small entities- they outlined the difficulty faced in setting up and managing their businesses. Through the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) Rural Economic Development Initiative project, several community tourism enterprises were given support and assistance to become market ready and licensed. Despite this project was completely successful and was able to set the legal basis for this small entities, it also outlined that informal abilities were strongly needed. In order to give a response to these needs, the Ministry of Tourism of Jamaica along with the Tourism Product Development Company worked in the development of a toolkit that would be available to Community Tourism Enterprises. The main aim of this toolkit is to provide a working base from which to establish and manage their unique businesses, in which the diversification of the product is wide: from adventure tours, accommodation, bike riding, arts and crafts, community tours, boat tours etc. Besides, aware of the importance of being a local-owned project, and of the implication of the beneficiaries due to better adapt the training sessions to them, community tourism consultants were engaged to work alongside JSIF, the Ministry and TPDCo to develop the content and design the final product. These same consultants also worked with TPDCo to develop and conduct the training sessions.

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