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Culture Dock is a video and photo-sharing social media app developed to facilitate cross-cultural awareness for travellers and the culturally curious. By utilizing the local population as well as visitors to destinations, content will be uploaded onto the app’s twelve cultural channels.

Locally, destination marketing organizations and well as small and medium-size enterprises in the tourism and cultural sectors are being invited (along with citizens) to share cultural content. The app’s channels include: Customs & Tradition; Geography & Landmarks; Nature & Wildlife; Holidays & Festivals; Architecture & Design; Literature/Music/Art; Food & Drink; Transportation; Sport & Leisure; Beliefs & Attitudes; Language and ‘unsure’. Apart from these channels, a filtering function allows users to ‘explore’ cultural content specific to their country of interest. The app helps travellers maximize their experience in a foreign destination by deepening the understanding of the people and places they encounter.

Culture Dock is also a tool for promotion of local culture ie: products, artists/artisans, museums, musicians, authors, events, etc. and serves to build a bridge for visitors to easily access the ‘heart’ of a chosen region to use their buying power at a local level. The app is available in both iOS and Android. Prior to the official launch, a branded version is being released in January of 2017 specifically for Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Throughout 2017, Canadians will be celebrating their diverse national identity on the app, taking the lead for the rest of the world to follow in a ‘global love affair’ that will have people across the globe coming together by celebrating our differences. This initiative will continue beyond 2017 and will see Culture Dock become the go-to app for Cultural tourism.

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