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The project aims at broadening the apreciation of the UNESCO patrimony Sacro Monte di Oropa, beyond the religious aspects towards environmental ones.

The Sanctuary is often full of people that find it hard to understand what there is to see beyond the monumental Sanctuary; we aim to offer tourists the possibilty of realizing that there are also beatiful walks and an amazing biodiversity to admire, through information boards, a strategic information booth, guided tours and excursions in the main tourist period as well as several activities for families with children within the Botanical Garden of Oropa, which lies, just like the “Sacred Mount” in an area often overseen by tourists…

The area also beholds an outstandind geological interest that we intend to divulge as much as possible through the opening of a geological exhibition and guided excursions. Also, through this project, that will actually last two years, 40 school classes will visit the geological aspects and the biodiversity ones of the UNESCO Patrimony of the “Sacro Monte di Oropa” The plan is mainly to give a better experience to the tourists that already visit and broaden the kind of public that visit the site.

It’s important to promote sustainable responsible action in this site to preserve biodiversity and allow tourists to keep visiting it.

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