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You are warmly welcome to ECO TREATS TOURISM Sri Lanka. We have innovated a solution to make use community tourism to enhance religious and cultural diversity in Sri Lanka and in the world. In order to realize that our aim is to integrate adventure, agriculture, wildlife, heritage, culture, spiritual, community and ECO tourism destinations in Sri Lanka together with the homestay accommodation in all 25 districts with diverse experiences.

Though Sri Lanka is one of the best tourism destination in the world still we can not the integration of tourism with the community and economic empowerment and to promote peace and reconciliation. We have a bigger focus to promote diverse culture and heritage within the country and for the world. Further we are planning to exchange professionals, artists, businessmen, students and young political leaders and to arrange Homestay accommodation in Sri Lanka from similar professionals or people with ECO tourism destinations.

We have several dreams to commence this year parallel to the UN international year of ECOTOURISM celebrations. One is to launch 100 Homestay promotion and the commence of the World First its Nature Tree House Villa at Pinnawala in Sri Lanka as a true community tourism project. We are searching partners and investors for our new projects. Our company also commenced to mark the UN year for sustainable tourism.

ECO TREATS TOURISM (PVT) LTD is a sustainable ecotourism venture of Sri Lanka covering eco-tourism, community, heritage, wildlife, agriculture and volunteer Tourism with Homestay accommodation in resource full regional areas. The company is a diversification of M CO DESIGN Los Angeles and Hong Kong and PASS Asian (Pvt) Ltd in Sri Lanka.

Our Core Values are;

  • Unconditional Love on Nature
  • Promote Diversity
  • Community, Culture and Heritage focus
  • Respect regional development

Our Business Philosophy is to conserve the nature with the wise use of its resources while improving the livelihoods of the regional communities. We believe that natural resources, regional communities, tourists, relevant government organizations are our core stakeholders for the conservation and the development. We do not have directors and staff but we all are nature lovers to serve the nature and tourists those who contribute to protect the nature, its diversity and to promote equitable development within and among nations.

Our Mission is to help people from anywhere in the world to relax mind and body with the nature, spirituality and the Home-stay while contributing to improve livelihoods of regional communities towards equitable development in the world.

Our Vision is to see the World with more Nature Lovers

Please visit our website to read more details and to book your ECOTOURISM holiday in Sri Lanka

With Nature Wishes!

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