Ecotouristic Centers for Peace

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The Ecotouristic Centers managed by the local communities in Urabá-Darién in Colombia are an important example of local initiatives for the strengthening of tourism and peace; they were born in the context of the demobilization process of the paramilitary forces in 2005. They integrate farmers, afro-Colombians, displaced persons, and the wider community in the process of improvement of life conditions and, and the aim to offer economic alternatives to people.

This initiative has been highlighted in the Tourism and Peace International Manual, published by the World Tourism Organization and the Klagenfurt University in Austria. Likewise, at the moment, the initiative is part of the tourism, peace and coexistence pilot destinations included by the Tourism Vice-Ministry in the National Development Plan 2014-2018 in Colombia.

Read “Communitarian Ecotourism in the Colombian Darién and Urabá Region: An Opportunity for Peace-Building” by Natalia Naranjo Ramos

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