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Hostelling International is a global association of Youth Hostels. We are a charity and our focus has always been on social empowerment. For the 2017 Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development we have developed a busy program to address ten different areas of sustainability.

In October, we focused on the theme of “Protecting Destinations: Culture and biodiversity”, read more on our blog. A fantastic example is a series of educational projects run by the Israeli Youth Hostel Association.

Fully recognising its educational mission, the Israeli YHA has education centres offering a wide range of programs for students, teaching staff, soldiers, visitors and tourists. The programs offer a fascinating and tangible experience, adapted to the geographic and historic location of each hostel and providing added value beyond the accommodation. Activities are held in Hebrew and English, including in the evenings, some by prior arrangement, serving both guests of the hostel and outside visitors.

The hostel projects include:
HI Rabin: “Red lines in Israeli democracy” – Rabin Educational Center, strengthening the core values of society.

HI Masada: “A news flash from the great revolt” – a contemporary news program, with live broadcasts from the field, and a panel of guests in the studio. The active participation of the audience in interactive polls makes the viewers an integral part of the events.

HI Pki’in: “The Golden Way” (Minorities in Druze village Pki’in) – An audiovisual presentation and interactive quiz inviting viewers on a journey between the past and present of the various communities in the village Pki’in, especially the Druze community, its heritage and its characteristics.

Meeting the Land of Israel – Models of Israel – 3D Models of the land of Israel can be found in a number of hostels. They offer travellers an educational experience, aiming to lead participants to look at the land, study its geographical and physical characteristics, and learn about the different cities, towns, and villages around the country.

HI Karei Deshe – Water in Israel
In the courtyard at Karei Deshe Hostel stands a 6m (18 ft.) aluminium model of Israel, which demonstrates the topographic structure of the land and shows the large cities in the country, main roads and all of the hostels.

HI Haifa: City-Mountain–Sea
A youthful, exciting film takes the audience on a special educational journey about Haifa and the Carmel mountains that surround the hostel.

HI Acre (Akko): Conservation and development in a city of heritage – The past as a lever for the future – The hostel in Old Acre (Akko) is situated on land in which a variety of archaeological remnants present the main cultural values of Old Acre. The remnants from these periods, which portray a complex urban environment, lead UNESCO to declare the city as a world heritage site. Physical remnants from two different historical periods, were discovered on the new hostel’s premises.

Read more about IYHA’s education programs.


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