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Tamount in Amazigh (Berber) language mean “Union”, Espace Tamount (Tamount Space) it saw birth in 2007, it is a successful sustainable tourism project funded by the executive funder Mr. Moulay Hafid Frdi, a self-dedication man, who decided to invest in his home region, this project’s goal is to create, develop and promote mountains expertise works and projects at the goal to consolidate sustainable development goals SDGs in rural communities and in the main time the research and development of sustainable tourism in Morocco Atlas Mountains.

From Espace Tamount our approach starts with improving the way people live in Morocco Mountains, our focus and work on sustainable tourism creates the results required for a better living environnement, and we look to take action in collaboration and cooperation with local, regional, national and international communities.

Naturally, the Espace Tamount team is passionate to combine the native culture of Morocco south eath and climate actions, engaging in raising awareness about climate change through all cultural forms in mountain areas as well in urban level, we work promoting old Berber traditions and methods protecting the environment, and mainly strengthening sustainable tourism as a lever for implementing sustainable development goals in rural communities in southeastern Morocco in a special way.

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