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Today, artisanal fisheries, which have less impact on the marine environment, are experiencing a strong decline in income and job rate. A way to address this challenge is to look for a diversification of activities and a reduction of the fishing effort, by promoting a sustainable tourism offer as well as an improvement of the fishermen’s quality of life. Some steps to achieve this aim would include the development of an innovative concept of tourism; the development of environmental and cultural education activities focused on sustainable consumption of local fish products. The project aims to create the basis to turn fishing tourism from sporadic initiatives into a stable business activity. The creation of a pilot testing evaluation tool will allow to assess the fishing tourism business model’s sustainability according environ,mental and socio-economic criteria, it will include a set of indicators to measure the level of sustainability of the pilot model, e.g. catches for fishing gears and species; fishing efforts, number of vessels and fishers; cost and earnings, sector employment. The production of such tool is finalized to assess and forecast impacts and ensure that the model is able to guarantee the preservation of the maritime and coastal environment as well as positive socio-economic development. The project contributes to all five key pillars expressed by International year of Tourism for Development 2017: fishing tourism helps to streamline the use of resources through the diversification of production activities; fishing tourism can improve the economic condition of fishing communities in the MED area, moreover it can prevent young people from being forced out of the sector and encourage the participation of women in fishing related activities; sustainable artisanal fishing methods help to preserve the marine habitat, do not cause permanent damage to the seabed; the project also promotes local heritage of MED area and cultural diversity. Ultimately, fishing tourism can connect tourists with local communities offering a valuable experience both to customers and operators. According to the observers of the project, the work is in early stages and more time is needed to achieve aimed results.

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