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GOOD Travel is a global community of travellers, tourism businesses, academics and industry professionals. We inspire and facilitate travel that has a positive social, economic and environmental impact. We are working to make sustainable travel the norm; to transform the travel industry into a force for GOOD.

We are active supporters of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. We align ourselves with the belief that the tourism industry has the potential to reduce poverty and inequalities, empower communities, inspire the protection of local cultures and environments, and promote cross-cultural understanding.

We focus on advocacy activities targeting travellers, specifically:

  1. Tailor-made impact trips: We organise transformative experiences for travellers. We specialise in tailor-made group trips, which enable travellers to experience GOOD tourism businesses ranging from carbon-neutral lodges in the Amazon jungle to micro-finance tours supporting entrepreneurs in Tanzania. All our trips include a minimum donation of $100/traveller to a local NGO and we always work with local GOOD partners and guides everywhere we go.
  2. Outreach: We host and speak at events about our vision for sustainable tourism. We use our blog and social media to provide practical and accessible information on why and how to be a GOOD traveller.
  3. Memberships: We will soon be launching GOOD traveller memberships to enable independent travellers to connect with GOOD accommodation, restaurants and tour companies. Our members will receive free, personalised travel planning advice as well as discounts at our partner businesses.

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