Greece Underwater Archaeological Sites

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Main objective of the project is the valorisation and protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage, raising of public awareness and diving tourism attractiveness. The foundation aims to promote and spread the Underwater Cultural Heritage of our country. This stems from the interest of greek and foreign visitors of the three already existing Museums of Underwater Antiquities and of our exhibitions. The duration of the project is 36 months (starting date: 1-11-2016). The Programme is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The foundation is commited to achieving its set goals by following particular steps, some of them include promoting innovation in the diving industry and improving divers experience through innovative diving services and technologies; setting up ‘Underwater and Cultural Ancient Routes in the Mediterranean’ web-based platform for a unified tourism promotion and networking of Med Underwater Cultural Heritage Ancient Sites and etc. The project of the foundation contributes to promoting cultural values, diversity and local heritage: the accessibility to declared underwater archaeological sites brings huge benefits to our country’s tourism and also gives visibility to antique history of Greece.

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