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Although Green Island is only 15.2 km2 in size, it has an enviable white beach, green meadows, coral apron reef, and is one of the 100 best diving sites in the world. However, pollution due to 400,000 annual visitors has already impacted its rich marine and land ecosystem. Incidents such as crabs and other small amphibians being run over by scooters are especially serious! Therefore, under the hard works of “Green Island Diving” and other conservationists, low-carbon eco-trips are being emphasized in recent years on Green Island.

Among the various itineraries, protecting “Metasesarma aubryi” is one of our major projects! Besides help escorting crab mothers crossing roads safely to give birth at the beach, the “Give Hermit Crab a Home Project” also received great response. Not only benevolent people from around the world send us spiral shells, but also many tourists took part in activities to make new homes for hermit crabs!

As for low-carbon traveling, we are promoting low-carbon LOHAS tours that use bicycles or electric bikes. We don’t use dispensable utensils. As for our emphasis on green energy, tourists can choose to sit outdoors to enjoy the scenery while feasting on iron box food boxes made by Green Island mothers that are made with local materials. Using local food materials firstis also a measure for energy conserving and low-carbon trips. They can enjoy a simple meal that is both delicious and eco-friendly!

As for the tourists favorite water activities, some practitioners also took part in Friendly Scuba Diving
and promote marine ecosystem care! Also in recent years, “Green Island Diving” has included docents who are local residents and characteristic culture in their itineraries, which created working opportunities for mid-age and elder people of Green Island
and helped local residents in finding jobs!

Moreover, “Green Island Diving” also participates in the “Green Little Giant Counseling Project” of MOEA Small and Medium Enterprise Administration. Checking carbon trail of the journey while applying for carbon label at the same timev! UN made 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. Green Island Diving combined ecosystem with tourism. From discovering ecological problems,to proposing solutions, introducing external tourist, combining with local economy, and finally, connect with the international trend on sustainable tourism.

We hope to start off by making Green Island a role model, and allow other regions of Taiwan to borrow such experience to make Taiwan more sustainable. In the future, “Green Island Diving” will use more sustainable means to organize authentic “low-carbon ecological trips” that enable tourists to contribute in the ecological recovery of Green Island while re-charging physically and mentally under relaxing atmosphere. Let economy prosper with the environment and rebuild the culture and ecosystem of Green Island!


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