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Hostelling International is a global association of Youth Hostels. We are a charity and our focus has always been on social empowerment. For the 2017 Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development we have developed a busy program to address ten different areas of sustainability.

In June we spoke about Staff and volunteers. In the different national associations and Hostels there are many volunteers working without which the charity would not survive. At the same time volunteering with HI gives young people of all background great work experience, opens their minds and they meet lots of interesting people.

Here is a great example of how HI Iceland involves young people from Europe in their sustainability work by making them ‘Green Messangers’:

For over 10 years now, HI Iceland has been hosting European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers. The main aim of their project is to raise awareness about sustainability aspects among international guests of HI Iceland, their staff and the local community. From movie nights and swap til’ you drop events to training and maintaining the Swan Ecolabel certification at the hostels, these volunteers are gaining skills and making the world a little better, one step at a time.

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