The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism

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The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism is a unique national certification programme for sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia. The initiative started in 2009 with strategic guidelines and continued in 2014 with the implementation of Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. The main components are: evaluation tool for destinations and providers, promotion of green endeavours. The Slovenian Tourist Board defined the focus on green, sustainable tourism as the right development opportunity and its range of tourism products, while placing the integral implementation of sustainability at the very heart of its operations. The impacts of the project are seen in the field of awareness of stakeholders and tourists and decisions the stakeholders are taking – they are switching to sustainable, green development in every area of their work. Destinations have to provide Slovenian Tourism Board (STB) with an action plan, a report every year. STB are monitoring providers by checking if they are meeting the criteria for Slovenia Green on an annual basis. The project contributes to inclusive and sustainable economic growth, encouragement of social enterpreneurship in tourism industry, resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change, promotion of cultural values, diversity and heritage.

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