Green Tourism Initiative

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The Green Tourism Initiative (GTI) was planned within the EU Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” whose primarily aim was to help enterprises improve their competitiveness and grow through extroversion. The aim is supportive in adoption of innovative and effective investment mechanisms to stimulate tourism growth and development with the focus placed on resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, sustainable lifestyles, as well as green jobs and better quality of life for all; encouraging to promote ecologically-wise the unique characteristics (cultural & natural resources) of their destinations; offers financing to improve the energy efficiency of buildings so as to reduce total energy consumption, and to deal with the pressing concerns of water and overall waste management; offers guidance to carry out sensitization actions amongst key stakeholders. Thus, combining “green” strategies and innovation hotels and other accommodation businesses will be able to apply fully integrated and innovative methods for their energy efficient modernization. The initiative contributes to market diversification, balancing visitor requirements with local needs, developing accessible infrastructure, applying “reduce, reuse and recycle” approach to resource use, prioritizing waste management and treatment and measuring tourism environmental impact.

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