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The northern areas of Pakistan are renowned for their natural beauty and attractive mountain landscape. High mountain peaks, enchanting valleys, large glaciers, lush green forests, fast flowing rivers and blue water lakes make this region an excellent adventure and ecotourism destination. However, over the last few decades the ever increasing tourism activity in this area is becoming a serious threat to the fragile natural environment.

Every year a large number of trekkers and adventure tourists visit these mountains areas. Many of popular trekking routes are already polluted to the point of being dangerous to both people’s health and the natural environment.

In order to save the natural landscape of our mountain areas from the irresponsible tourism we have decided to launch an awareness and public advocacy campaign under the title of “Green Trekking”. Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan (STFP) has decided to produce a code of ethics for the trekkers and visitors going to these areas and will widely promote it through printed material, articles in newspapers, awareness workshops and social media. Moreover youth is going to be involved in conducting cleanup of various trekking routs to restore the natural environment and landscape. STFP will also organize special green trekking expeditions to different mountain valleys to practically demonstrate the best practices of responsible adventure tourism. STFP has plan to also work with local communities, concerned government agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders to disseminate knowledge about the best practices of sustainable tourism in Pakistan.

The northern territories of Pakistan are home to the majestic mountain ranges of the Himalayas. With stunning landscapes composed of snow-covered mountain peaks, large glaciers and blue water lakes, the region has become a premier adventure and ecotourism destination. Increasing tourism activity over the last few decades has called for more responsible tourism practices, particularly along the most popular trekking routes, to preserve the fragile natural environment.
Responding to this challenge, the “Green Trekking” public advocacy campaign was launched by the Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan (STFP), formed by a group of tourism professionals, environmentalists and eco-friendly tourists promoting ecotourism and sustainable tourism in Pakistan. Brandishing the slogan, “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”, the campaign promotes a Code of Ethics for trekkers and visitors through pocket-sized leaflets written in English and Urdu. The Code offers guidance for trekkers on how to reduce dependency on firewood fuel, dispose of litter in an eco-friendly manner, help save wildlife, use water wisely and respect local culture and customs.

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