Greening hotel laundry services

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10YFP STP Portfolio: Greening hotel laundry services through evidence-based approaches by Betterfly Tourism

Each year in France, the production and treatment of bed linens and towels generates 470,000 tons of CO2 over 10 million cubic meters of water consumption, and 15,000 tons of detergent. Laundry costs are not only often the most significant variable costs for hotels, but also the most damaging to the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions, together with energy, water, and natural resources consumption are among the key factors of environmental impacts.
It was this realization that led to Betterfly Tourism´s engagement with an assessment study to measure the key impacts from the use of hotel laundry services per overnight stay. As an active member of the working group engaged in the ecodesign of hotel laundry services, Betterfly Tourism outlined three clear objectives: to identify the sources of environmental damages resulting from laundry hotel services; to spread best practices and offer concrete solutions to reduce economic and environmental impacts; and to raise awareness among the tourism sector and other related industries, including hotel linen manufacturers, detergent producers and linen rental professionals.

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