Hotel Water Measurement Initiative

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The Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI) is the hotel industry’s response to leading stakeholders’ concerns about one of the most pressing global issues – hotels need to address their consumption of water and the understanding of ‘what gets measured gets managed’. The project is the result of 18 months’ work of 18 companies’ collaboration in order to develop a methodology and calculation tool which enables hotel companies and individual properties to measure and report on water consumption. 40 hotels ‘road-tested’ the methodology – they were selected from working group members’ portfolios to represent different geographical areas, sizes, facilities, service offerings and climates to ensure that the methodology would be workable for any hotel anywhere in the world. Additionally, the programme collaborates closely with Cornell University to gather real data produced by hotels using HWMI and publish it on Hotel Footprinting Tool (, the database now includes information from more than 8000 properties. HWMI is accessible and free to any hotel anywhere in the world, no matter the location, type or the size. HWMI programme contributes to raising awarness and provides useful information to improve resource efficiency performance in hotels.

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