Mayakoba Tourism Development

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The eco-friendly Mayakoba resort area is set in the area known as the Riviera Maya, in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. With the conservation of 60 hectares of mangroves and 32 hectares of jungle, Mayakoba is considered a natural reserve and a habitat for more than 300 species of vertebrates. Mayakoba has achieved a demonstrable increase in biodiversity in a high-level coastal tourism development, through the preservation and improvement of terrestrial ecosystems and the creation of aquatic habitats. The business model is based on sustainability as a guiding axis, entailing care for the environment, empowerment of local communities and producers and the welfare of its employees as a socially responsible company. The programme´s hotels are inclusive, providing work to differently-abled persons and giving priority to local suppliers and producers for the procurement of products that are required in the operation of hotels. With the implementation of the project, it has been possible to rehabilitate coastal environments as a resilient measure against rising sea levels and coastal erosion. Awareness-raising is carried out with visitors so that they adopt respectful behaviours during their visits to archaeological sites. The outcome affirms that prioritizing ecosystem conservation, creating a new one, reducing the density and ensuring the well-being of human resources leads to the creation of a resort of harmonious coexistence among visitors and locals in an environment of peace and security.

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