Microsite “Sustainable Travel”

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The microsite “Sustainable Travel” gives an overview on sustainable tourism products and services in Germany. Various areas of sustainability are presented, including environmentally friendly transportation, sustainable accommodation, natural landscapes, traditions and customs and others. Besides appealing texts and photo galleries, the website also includes videos about topics like urban gardening, green cities, upcycling, sustainable accommodation facilities and sustainable travel. A core element is the interactive map of sustainable accommodation in Germany – users can not only find the location, but also the name, address, website and information about which certification applies. The outreach is worldwide and the microsite is available in 17 languages. The microsite publication contributes to increasing the visibility of sustainable tourism products and services in Germany, fosters business success, informs about sustainable travel, provides information also sign language and also in audio descriptions. Additionally, tips are offered for sustainable and slow travelling, encouraging the visits to green cities, upcycling, urban gardening and others. The project also is in favor of local identity´s preservation and cultural understanding. The microsite was beneficial in developing an understanding that a light communication style and especially videos for explanation seem to work well to disseminate information on sustainability topics.




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