Mobilization of the Dahshour WHS for community Development

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The aim of the project was fostering sustainable development and revenue generation in the community through attracting tourism and developing creative industries whilst protecting the area of the Dahshour pyramids and its ecosystem. Thus, the overall goal which promotes environmental sustainability and reduction of regional human development disparities was centered. The project focused on improving the livelihoods and working conditions of the local population through targeted employment-generation activities, with special focus given to women’s and youth employment, as well as the development of locally driven economies. The commitment, participation and contribution of both local and national authorities in all aspects of the project, as the involvement of Government and the community are essential for sustainability. The project contributes to all five key areas expressed by the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017 – to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth businesses in the fields of handicrafts were established, women empowerment was encouraged; more than 550 permanent jobs and 350 temporary jobs were created, involving the community and contributing to social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction. Resource efficiency and environmental protection was encouraged by training 350 inhabitants on the waste management and recycling programme. The project uniquely combines cultural heritage aspects, natural heritage dimensions, and community development components. Ultimately, the project contributes to mutual understanding, peace and security pillar by introducing local people to tourism and tourists and teaching them basic English language.

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