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“The patterns of our lives have the capacity to connect deeply within us” (Bonnie Christine)

NAUTIKA CONCEPT is a creative and digital project that promotes cultural and environmental education and awareness through culturally meaningful and connected children design clothes.

Nautika Design is the brand that offers handmade, high-quality clothes for children that are connected to different geographical territories through unique patterns and their stories. The main aim of Nautika Design is to connect people to environments through meaningful clothes. Whereas globalization, with its negative side effects is pushing more towards a global culture, Nautika comes to counterbalance this loss of cultural specificity by spreading and encouraging the particular characteristic traits of different cultures in a creative and educational manner. Its main social, environmental and cultural impact revolve around: respect and the promotion of cultural diversity, social and environmental responsibility, alternative education. With this purpose Nautika develops two complementary lines of activity.

On the one hand we propose a ‘local spirit’ collection line.

This line has a creative imprint that makes use of patterns inspired by local motives that educate children on topics such as cultural and environmental awareness. Each garment is accompanied by a printed booklet that tells the story behind the specific pattern and is linked to further digital resources on our web platform (e.g. recipes connected to gastronomic symbols). These collections are above all a special “fashion-souvenir” product for tourists to buy and take home or offer, as they are connected to the local identity of the visited territory. Through its fashion-souvenir selling strategy that targets the tourism sector, Nautika promotes local tourism destinations and environments by partnering with local shops, associations and tourism actors and contributing therefore to developing local economies.

On the other hand we propose a ‘wellbeing’ collection line.

This line focuses on re-connecting the inner self to the external environment through practices such as meditation or physical activity. This line focuses on how affordable technology can transform children clothes into smart clothes (Wearables), by actively contributing to developing mental wellbeing and an active lifestyle for children.

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