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After analyzing my client’s expectations and needs during more than 25 years of operation, I came to the conclusion that something had to change in the way of operating tourism and develop hospitality industry.
Nomad lodges is born from a simple observation : my clients want to live an authentic experience when travelling !

Rediscover connections
Some follow standards. Others go above & beyond.
Nomad Lodges does not copy. Does not follow.
We set the standards. And we go above & beyond.
Nomads live sustainably. That’s a given.
Nomads commit to every location in which they reside, with the primary purpose of survival.
There are no guidelines. No standards.
Every location has its own unique character.
So here we bring something else to the table.
Nomad Lodges surpasses survival.
Exceeds commitment.

In this currently « over-connected » life, people need to reconnect on an authentic way.

For Nomad Lodges, this vision is for our guests to rediscover connections: the link between luxury and sustainability. The bond between human & nature. The heritage across generations. The cord between body & soul.

At the same time, conservation concern is growing on global population and today’s travellers are increasingly savvy about the environmental impact on destinations.

In fact, according to the Centre for Responsible Travel, green travel is expected to rise to cover 25% of the world’s travel market. It is estimated that global spending on ecotourism is increasing about six times the industry-wide rate (UNEP & UNWTO, 2011).

By providing an authentic experience, we want our guest to feel : connected, immersed, inspiring, natural, balanced and caring in the way to create meaningful changes in their lives and the world in which they live.

The Nomad lodges concept is based on the spirit of the nomadic people of South America and invites travellers to discover places “picked by the heart” through a network of lodges that are built in total harmony with their natural environment, offering a standard of quality and services made to meet the guests’ expectations.

Tourism as a conservation tool
« Our concept includes a plan designed to fulfill the three pillars of sustainability in terms of: the product we want to offer, the clients we want to attract, our spirit and commitment ».
The first step is to improve environmental conditions in the region where the projects will be implemented.
The next step is to ensure healthy living conditions for the local population.
As a final step, the projects will provide the local communities with additional revenues, which will contribute to the preservation of their environment and culture.

Luxury is elsewhere :
Nomad Lodges can be identified as a provider of luxury experience, nonetheless, the service scape is not the main characteristic of luxury anymore, and the experience is far more important.

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