Organic Compost at Aju HI Hostel

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Hostelling International is celebrating the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by running a campaign addressing projects and practices related to ten different areas of sustainability in our HI Hostels around the globe.

As hostels, we have the power to directly make a positive contribution to protecting the environment in the way we handle and manage waste. From daily habits to specialised equipment, our hostels are striving to reduce their production of waste. Aju Hostel in Aracaju, Brazil is leading the way in showcasing their best practice in waste management.

HI Aju Hostel’s initiative involves carefully composting the food waste from breakfast. Fruit skins, egg shells and coffee grounds are among the products typically wasted during the preparation of the guests’ breakfasts, which are then used to create the compost. There are containers for storing the waste during the process, which lasts around 3 months in total. The resulting compost allows the hostel staff to naturally and sustainably fertilise all their plants. Reusing means less waste and, in turn, happier, healthier plants!

See the process in this video.

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