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Planeterra was created as a way for travellers to give back to communities. Planeterra incubates and invests in over 40 successful enterprises worldwide, that are making a difference in the lives of people, that are traditionally excluded from the formal economy. Projects are implemented in locations with high tourist volume, giving community members the customer base they need to see their business succeed. These businesses address local challenges by providing benefits for indigenous people, empowering marginalized women, granting disadvantaged youth access to education and employment in the tourism industry. Planterra’s development model empowers project’s partners to develop their own community tourism enterprises that benefit local health, education, gender equality, and conservation initiatives. Planeterra provides catalyst grants, capacity training, and also a link to a market for these businesses to get off the ground. Projects are focused on products and services that are in high demand within the tourism sector, for instance community-owned and operated accommodation, community-run tours, handicraft and souvenir cooperatives and etc. The success of Planeterra’s initiatives depends on stakeholders and local organization partnerships. With their work Planeterra and its partners contributes to inclusive and sustainable economic growth (by supporting small businesess development with community associations, charities), social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction (by providing training for the local people, witht the focus on women and at-risk youth, indigenous communities). Project encourages resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change (providing more efficient stoves, reducing deforestation activities), cultural values, diversity and heritage by working with indigenous people. Ultimately, the project is valued for its mutual understanding, peace and security discussions – its cross-cultural, promoting local and interactive activieties to tourists. At the same time, community can learn from its guests about their country, culture and religion. Since Planeterra’s inception, over 34,000 people have seen their communities benefit from a Planeterra partnership; over 9,800 individuals are directly benefitting from a household member’s involvement in a Planeterra program; and over 2,700 people received training and economic opportunities in the tourism industry through a Planeterra program.

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