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10YFP STP Portfolio: Planning transformative holiday experiences – Villages Nature® Paris offers immersive encounters with sustainable landscapes

Nature is the principal architect in Villages Nature® Paris, a groundbreaking new theme resort set to open in September 2017. Located in the birthplace of the International Climate Agreement, Villages Nature® Paris is an idyllic destination where man and nature thrive in harmony. It represents a milestone in sustainable tourism planning as every detail is designed to minimize the site’s ecological footprint and revolutionize tourism practices.
Villages Nature® Paris will offer guests five immersive worlds – the Aqualagon, one of the largest waterparks in Europe heated entirely with geothermal energy; the BelleVie Farm, a real-life farm ground with animals, vegetable gardens and greenhouses; Extraordinary Gardens, four gardens inspired by the four elements of earth, fire, air and water; the Forest of Legends, an adventure zone with mysterious trails and treehouses; and the Lakeside Promenade, a recreational area with hanging gardens as its backdrop. Guests are also welcome to stay in premium accommodations seamlessly integrated into the resort’s extraordinary landscapes.

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