Rainforest Alliance molds local potters

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10YFP STP Portfolio: Rainforest Alliance molds local potters in Costa Rica with tourism entrepreneur training

The town of Santa Ana, Costa Rica, is famous for its pottery. Pottery shops line the streets of Santa Ana and display creations made by local artisans. Today, visitors can not only purchase traditional handicrafts, they can also see the oldest potter in town and winner of the National Prize for Folk and Traditional Culture, Mario Hernández, working the clay on his old kick wheel as he tells the story behind the pottery shops. While visiting Santa Ana, tourists can also visit a clay pit, hike through beautiful landscapes, and eat delicious local Costa Rican food.
It’s all part of “Pottery in Costa Rica”, a tour created and offered by the Hernández family, who introduced pottery to Santa Ana back in 1960. Since then, pottery has provided a sustainable living for dozens of local families and has become part of Costa Rica’s cultural patrimony.

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