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The Rock climbing Association for Development (RAD) assists rural communities to harness local climbing potential through sustainable development leading to economic empowerment and has completed projects in Armenia, Lebanon, Madagascar, USA.

Climbing routes must be readable and repeatable as people will not travel to a cliff which is poorly-bolted. The bolts we use are long-lasting titanium or stainless steel which last around 20 years. The climbs must be safe, loose rock must be removed for security. We respect nature, the approach hike to the crag must minimize environmental impact. For tourists who visit our rock climbing sites, proper training is essential and local knowledge of how to climb safely must be led through local capacity.

RAD promotes rural rock climbing areas by raising awareness of the sport of rock climbing to local, regional and national businesses – and through international media. We make the project sustainable by promoting local capacity, through contact with local climbing associations, climbing gyms, sports shops and climbing guide companies.

In Tannorine, Lebanon, we’ve seen a real impact with multiple Bed and Breakfast accommodations built and an Eco-lodge under construction in a village now busy with international tourists and climbers from Beirut, where no climbs existed before.

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