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In Sabyinyo community the pressure caused some local people to illegally access the park resources for their economic and livelihoods requirements such as water, meat, wood, medicinal herbs, honey and etc. There was a great need to actively involve the neighboring community as it formed the greatest threat to the biodiversity of the park. Therefore, SACOLA was created within a framework to contribute to the sustainable conservation with the linkage towards the improved socio-economic living conditions of local population. It is in this regard that the tourism project to vehicle the above rationale was to avail funds generated through the construction and operate of a high-end community lodge, known as the “Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge”. Furthermore, the initial objectives to meet both biodiversity conservation and community livelihoods’ promotion, have also served tools of the related impact assessment. Specific indicators were also fixed according to livelihoods capitals (social, economic, human, and natural), and served guidance for the impact assessment of the SACOLA project. About 395,601 USD were generated in 2016- 2017 by SACOLA Hotel – this kind of foreign exchange earnings heavily contribute towards economic growth of the Rwandan country.

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