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In 2005, H.I.S. opened a directly operated branch in Siem Reap.
As a first step, we sold sightseeing tours as a main product. In 2010, we started selling “Study Tour” which customers visit and support orphanages.

For now more than 5,000 people participated in the Cambodia study tour. Some children of the orphanage could go to university by the donation.
As a challenge for the eighth year on the “Study Tour”, we built an elementary school in the spring of 2017.

Under the Pol Pot regime (1976–1979), approx. one-thirds of Cambodia’s population—more than 2 million people, mainly intellectuals such as educators—were slaughtered. Virtually all schools were also destroyed, and the education system collapsed. In Cambodia today, the number of children is increasing more and more, but there are many children who cannot attend school even though they want to due to poverty or because there simply is no school in their area. In order to alleviate this problem even a little, tour participants build public schools that children can attend free-of-charge.

Education will broaden future options and create opportunities to rid off poverty. I am thinking that learning at this school will help to fulfill the children’s dreams.

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