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Tourism is recognized as one of the largest  and rapidly growing Industries  in the Global Economy.  With reference to the India, Tourism  has contributed to 6.2 % to the national GDP in the year 2016.  While Tourism  has made  an important  contribution to the Economic growth in many countries  the Industry had both Social and Economic impacts. There are several challenges which the Industry identifies that they are not Positive.  Critics argue that the  growth has generally not filtered down to the poorest.  Therefore  Tourism has caused poor displacement, increased Local costs, loss of access to the resources along with social , cultural disruptions.  In this article I would like to bring out the road map for Skilling and Building responsible India.

Many argue that Tourism could promote Pro –Poor Tourism  growth.  Therefore more of Tourism earnings should be retained within the Host country.  This in turn would ensure the  more benefits will reach the reach the poor groups  which in turn will enhance considerable Potential for Tourism based Poverty reduction. Tourism is one of the Pioneer Industry  to reduce Poverty  and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.(MDG).  The MDG s are a set of Human Development targets agreed upon by world leaders at the United Nations Millennium summit.  They address arrange of  issues including  Poverty Hunger , Child Mortality, primary Education , Water and Sanitation, environmental Sustainability.

Education and Economic Empowerment

From the MDG s The United Nations moved to Sustainable Development Goals  to End Poverty, Hunger and  Food security, and Education for all. Poverty is more than the lack of income and resources to ensure a sustainable livelihood. Its manifestations include hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and other basic services, social discrimination and exclusion as well as the lack of participation in decision-making. Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality.  Source (

Vocational  Training in Tourism.

India is the second largest population in the world  at 1.27 Billion in 2015 and with a fast growing economy of 5.5 % GDP increase . The national Skill Development Corporation – NSDC  has projected an incremental shortage of 244 million labourers by the year 2023 and 13 million on annual Basis.

 Prospects and Practices of Inclusive Tourism.

Tourism as tool for Poverty Alleviation has been eulogized  worldwide.  Moreover Poverty alleviation has been  given utmost priority by United Nation World Tourism Organization by implementing the  ST-EP -Sustainable Tourism as an effective tool for Eliminating Poverty. Public Private Enterprises are turning to several alternative Forms of Tourism  like  Community Based Tourism(CBT),

Pro Poor Tourism and Eco Tourism etc. But there is very less emphasis is  given to Skill Development and Vocational Education and Training in Tourism.

Enhanced Economic Benefits

  • Expand Local Employment, Wages- Commitments to local citizens for Jobs and Vocational training
  • Expand Local Enterprise Opportunities including that those who provide services to Tourism Operations food supplies etc)
  • Develop collective income sources – Revenue shares, Equity Dividends and Donations.


Enhance Non-Financial Livelihood Impacts

  • Capacity Building Training
  • Mitigate environmental Impacts
  • Improve social and Cultural Impacts.
  • Increase Local access to infrastructure and services provided for Tourists – Roads- communication, Accomodations

Enhance participation and Partnerships.

  • Create More support Policy / Planning Framework that enables the  participation for the Poor.
  • Increased participation of the Poor in Decision making by Government  and private sector
  • Build pro poor partnerships with private sector..

There is a compelling need to launch more skill development programmes in Tourism were there is huge requirement of   human resources in India. Apart from National Skill Development Corporation  and several Social Enterprises   similar to Open Eyes can bring a huge change  by imparting various Skills  to build  India into a Responsive Incredible  India !

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