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Hostelling International is celebrating the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by running a 10-month campaign showcasing projects and practices in our HI Hostels around the globe.

Consuming Sustainably in our hostels means making conscious decisions on buying products that ensure continued great service and quality for you, while at the same time supporting our communities and minimising the negative impact on the environment.

From remote hostels in natural reserves to hostels located right in the centre of famous cities, our hostels face different challenges! We believe our guests and hostels staff have the potential to help the tourism industry by making conscious decisions.

In February we spoke about how Hostels can consume in a sustainable way. There are many great examples in our network. Check out two of our Star Projects for the month:

HI Norway- Consuming locally – Lillehammer Hostel Lillehammer HI Hostel has a policy of doing as much of their purchasing as possible, locally. Not only do they have their own bakery and kitchen where locals come to shop, but they cooperate with local businesses and organisations to have them each decorate a room in the hostel! Starting January 2017 the hostel is also part of the Too Good To Go campaign which uses food that will otherwise be thrown away.

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SYHA – Taste the difference – Scotland In February 2016, the Scottish Youth Hostel Association has made a decision that all food and beverage (including alcohol) served in Scottish youth hostels are sourced locally and of Scottish provenance. Everything from eggs to dairy to packed lunches is sourced locally. Whether it Mackie’s crisps in packed lunches or fresh yoghurt from Arran dairies (and they shout from the rooftops about this!). Try it out when you give Scotland a visit!

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