Tourism Sector Management and Adaptation

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Jamaica has six resort areas in which tourism activities are concentrated: Kingston, Portland, Negril, South Coast, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. In 2015 the Tourism Emergency Management Committee (EMC) raised concerns about the vulnerability of tourism disaster communication network, and the need to address this matter immediately. This prompted the development of a proposal to the Tourism Enhancement Fund. To strengthen the capacity of the sector, the project aims to build the disaster resilience of the tourism sector through the strengthening of the communication networks, what has being done by the procurement of radios for each Resort Area and satellite phones for the country’s two Tourism Emergency Operations Centers. By procuring both satellite phones and radios, stakeholders will maintain communication at all times. Tourism public and private personnel are being trained to utilize the equipment. This will ensure constant communication through all the phases of disasters.
Tourism public and private stakeholders meet periodically at the Tourism Emergency Management Committee (TEMC) meeting held twice each year. The project involves the procurement of equipment and training of requisite stakeholders. The training is being done by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management.
As climate change impacts intensify the likelihood of major storms will increase with the capacity to destroy all conventional modes of communication this project contributes to climate change adaptation, as it seeks to prepare the sector for hurricanes at increased intensity with the capacity to destroy all conventional forms of communication. During disasters the Tourism Emergency Operations Centers use email, landlines and cellphones to communicate with stakeholders in order to reduce the communication vulnerability.

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