Water Conservation at Hostel 7

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Hostelling International is celebrating the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by running a campaign addressing projects and practices related to ten different areas of sustainability in our HI Hostels around the globe.

As hostels, we have the power to directly make a positive contribution to protecting the environment in the way we handle and manage water. From daily habits to specialised equipment, our hostels are striving to decrease water consumption.

Hostel 7 have installed a rainwater harvesting system on the rooftop of their building in Brasília. The collected water is filtered and used for showers and bathrooms in the hostel.

Every year, the city of Brasília faces a dry period from June to September. In efforts to ration their water supply, the city rotates a 24h stop of water on different areas of Brasília. Therefore, the water tanks are first and foremost an effort to be able to still provide the hostel and its guests with water on the days the area is cut off from the municipality’s water sources.

This was a simple instalment, and was an idea that came to life due to the municipality’s water conservation actions in Brasília. The tanks were placed on the roof by the hostel owners and the piping was done by a plumber. For now, the tanks are opened by the receptionists to gather water when it rains. A system to also collect filtered water from the rain gutters will be in place soon. This initiative currently saves an estimated 2000 litres of water per month.

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